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Vinci and The Vacuum Cleaner

Vinci, a golden retriever pup, was sleeping in a corner of the house he lived in. A sudden loud noise woke him up. When he saw where that noise came from, his terror knew no bounds. Read this funny story of a dog and his hilarious encounter.

Recommended age: 8+ years

Vinci was sleeping quietly in the corner when a loud hoover woke him up with surprise! Vinci came running out and he saw something that he never saw before in the house.

vinci and the vaccum cleaner pretty mumma says surbhi mahobia

It was a round thick disc, that was moving on the floor. It was going in all the directions very smoothly.

“What is that? A new pet?”, Vinci thought.

“It sounds familiar, though. Can it be? No, it can’t be! Yes, it is! It’s a vacuum cleaner!!! They know it scares me. How can they?”, Vinci was barking to scare it away but in reality, he was terrified.

vinci and the vaccum cleaner pretty mumma says surbhi mahobia

It looked different from all the other vacuum cleaners Vinci had ever seen. He became curious and started gently tiptoeing towards it. The vacuum cleaner turned around and moved towards Vinci at a slow speed. It was as if it knew what was going on in his mind.

Vinci did not know what to do.

Run or stay? Run or stay?? Run or stay???

The vacuum cleaner stopped – right in front of Vinci. He didn’t budge and kept staring at it.

It moved a little more. “Be brave, Vinci. It’s harmless. Huff! Puff!”, he thought to himself, but in reality, his heart was pounding.

Then Vinci sees Simon, his best human friend running in his direction. “Oh, thank god Simon! Spare me the horror, please!!”, Vinci yipped.

“Hey, Vinci! My boy! Look what dad got? It’s a vacuum cleaner. You know what’s cool? It is operated with a remote control. See! Now, mom and dad no more have to spend their time cleaning the home. This robot will do the job. Isn’t it awesome??”, said Simon.

“Oh! No, no, no!! Please take this away. It took me so long to become familiar with the big snobbish one. This one looks so weird, anyway”, Vinci was whining but in reality, he was praying in his mind.

“Come Vinci, let’s go for a joyride!”, said Simon with excitement.

The next second, Vinci was sitting on the vacuum cleaner.

“What!”, Vinci’s eyes were open wide with terror.

“Simon, are you crazy? What are you doing?”, Vinci was whimpering but in reality, he was screaming his lungs out.

Simon points the remote towards the vacuum cleaner and with the press of a button, it started moving.

“What-is-going-on?”, Vinci was shocked. He held on to it very tightly.

Slowly, he started enjoying his robotic ride.

“Hey, it’s not that bad. It’s very different from sticking my neck out from the car window”, Vinci was quiet and didn’t move at all.

Vinci was not afraid of the vacuum cleaner anymore. He was having a good time but in reality, he was humming his favourite tune in his mind.

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