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United League of Utensils

Once every year kitchen utensils gather to share their problems with their world leaders with the hope of finding answers and solutions. Read this very interesting story about utensils and their day-to-day problems.

Recommended age: 8+ years

It was a very important day for all the kitchen utensils. It was the annual conference of the United League of Utensils.

Every year, utensils from all across the world gathered at one place to discuss some very important issues. All utensils, big and small, sat in one big hall that had a big stage inside.

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The conference began with a speech by Mr. Pressure Cooker.

“Hello dear utensils, I am very honoured to be here today as the Head of this league. We have gathered here to talk about problems and issues faced by our fellow utensils. We will try our best to find a solution for those problems. Let’s begin this meeting”, urged Mr. Cooker.

The hall filled with cheer and loud applause.

First came Ms. Sauce Pan.

“Hello everyone, I am Ms. Sauce Pan. I am very glad to be here. Today I will talk about how I and my sisters are being tortured by little kids in every home. They play with us and take us where ever they want to. They bang us on every surface. I request Mr. Pressure Cooker to please look into this matter. It hurts!!”, anxiously said Ms. Pan.

There was loud chitter-chatter in the hall.

“Silence!”, Mr. Pressure Cooker said loudly.

Then came Mr. Rolling Pin.

“Hi friends, I am Mr. Pin. I happy to be here. Today I will talk about the situations I and my brothers have to face in every home. We are being misused by children all over the world. They have started using us for rolling their play dough. We are supposed to be in the kitchen and not in small boxes with gooey coloured doughs. I request Mr. Cooker to investigate this problem. Thank you!”, said Mr. Pin with utmost confidence.

Next came Mr. Tongs.

“Hello my dear friends, I am Mr. Tongs. I want to talk about a very serious matter. Earlier, kids all over the world used us for catching reptiles. But now a new and more serious problem has emerged. They use us for picking things from inside the toilet. How disgusting! Is this what we are meant for? Please solve this issue urgently, Sir. Thank you!”, Mr.  Tongs cringed.

The audience cringed loudly too.

“Silence, please”, said Mr. Cooker even louder.

One by one all the other leader utensils came on the stage and shared their problems.

Last to come on the stage was Ms. Griddle.

“Hello dear fellow utensils, I am very excited to be here. Firstly, I want to say to other utensil leaders who came before me that all of you are very brave. You face such hardships every day but you keep performing. You never disappoint. Bravo! Hats off to you! Now, let me shift your focus to an issue which we face in every home. Nobody let their kids play with us. Nobody! Whether we are hot or not – they just don’t. It makes us very sad because we are always kept in a corner away from the reach of children. While all of you get so much attention from kids, we stay alone on the counter. Sometimes shoved under the gas stove or hidden behind a shelf. In the end, I will say that you are very lucky to get this kind of attention from children and their parents while we have to stay away from them. I understand that we are heavy and children can get hurt. But there must be some solution. We don’t want to be isolated anymore. Sir, please consider our problem. Thank you very much”, Ms. Griddle said in a sad tone.

Mr. Pressure Cooker noted all the points and assured everyone that he will definitely come up with some solutions. The conference has come to an end. All the utensils came out of the hall. They had tea and then left for their homes.

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  1. Beautiful message to be passed on, Surbhi. Many a times we ignore the attention and love we get and keep cribbing about the other problems. We should accept generously what we have to make the life more beautiful.

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