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Pretty Mumma’s #TopTen Part 5 – Blogs That New Moms Must Read

Hey pretty mummas!! When we become mothers our minds are always full of doubts. We are constantly looking for information and advices related to babies, and sometimes related to us. I remember that when Miss D was born and I became a new mother, whatever time I was left with in the day or at night, I would spend some of that time searching and browsing for information related to babies and mothering. My search topics varied from feeding cycle and patterns to my mental wellbeing. I had also downloaded numerous apps on my tab.

To make your life easy, I have curated 10 blogs that, in my opinion, all new mothers must read. These blogs are written by 10 fabulous mom-bloggers that are their firsthand experiences. Take a look:

Top Ten Blogs for New Moms


  1. How To Teach Your Baby To Sleep On His Own: This blog is my experience that I gained with both of my kids. It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of patience and resilience, but now my kids sleep on their own without much effort. Read on my blog where I have shared some tips that will help new moms.
  2. Baby’s First Holiday: Thinking about taking a holiday but not sure as your baby is still very small? If you’re are not able to decide, then read why Nupur thinks that sooner is better than later.
  3. The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist For Indian Moms: If you have reached 30th week of your pregnancy, this post is for you! In this blog, Sanjivini has listed things for you and your baby which will help you in the coming days.
  4. Dealing With A Clingy Baby: My Experience And Learnings: All babies undergo a phase when they are super clingy and just don’t want to leave their mumma’s lap. Read this blog written by Charu to know how you can deal with this phase.
  5. Nursing Distracted Babies: Nursing is by far the most beautiful phase of motherhood. With all the joys of breastfeeding, comes a phase when babies start getting distracted by their surroundings. Read this blog by Priyanka for tips that can be followed.
  6. Do you know a Lonely Mother, who can use a hug?: Loneliness is not just sitting in a room or on the street with no one to call your own. It is also being in a roomful of people, yet not having a single shoulder to cry on, or a single ear you can rely on. Motherhood can be overwhelming. Read this blog by Charu to know how you can help yourself or a mother whom you know is feeling lonely.
  7. V- Sec it is then!!: Read Ranjani’s take on “normal” delivery. Everybody you know would just talk about how difficult labor is but nobody talks about the aftermath which she thinks is even more grueling.
  8. 10 Ways in Which I am Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss: Read Mahak’s experience with post-partum hairfall and get some ideas about how you can deal with it.
  9. 10 Reasons For Baby Crying: Dealing with a crying baby is extremely painful for the parents & triggers lots of stress and anxiety especially in moms. Read Jhilmil’s blog as she tries to decode the probable reasons & how to overcome them.
  10. 6 Hygiene Products Must Haves for New Moms: These days there are numerous products for new moms in the market that promise to make their life easier. This blog by Jayshree is all about making your postpartum phase a bit easier.

I really hope these blogs will help you find answers to your questions. I would like to thank all the lovely mommies who came forward and shared their knowledge and experience on my platform.


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17 thoughts on “Pretty Mumma’s #TopTen Part 5 – Blogs That New Moms Must Read

  1. You have compiled a great list almost covering all the concerns a new mom usually faces. So glad to be a part of this one. Thank you for the feature. 🙂

  2. That would be really helpful for new moms out there.. I wish U had compiled this when my son was born. Would forward it to my new mom friends!!!

    1. Aww..I wish I did! Still, thank you so much for reading! I hope your friends benefit from these articles.

  3. Wow this is what I kept looking for when I was pregnant with my first one. That said, this is a wonderful and well thought out list.

    1. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to share this new mommies around you 🙂

  4. I have already almost all the blogs mentioned in the list. It is easy to go through with all the information from one page. I will save it and share it with my soon-to-be moms’ friends.

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