Now I Know My ABC

And I did it! I completed the A to Z Challenge and it feels surreal. I decided to take part in this blogging challenge without thinking much and nose-dived. And I am glad I did.

I came to know about it in March this year. It was a random decision and writing fiction was the craziest thing I have done until now. A to Z Challenge is an international annual blogging challenge that takes place in April every year.

5 Ws and 1 H of my A to Z Challenge

1. Who am I?

I am a passionate writer and content creator. Reading and writing are my fuel. I write about parenthood; also about anything that grabs my attention and stirs my brain. I am a mother of two children who equally enjoy story-telling and listening to stories.

2. What did I write in A to Z Challenge?

I wrote children’s fiction in the form of short stories. 26 of them in all.

3. Where did I write them?

On my website You can also find their snippets on my Facebook, InstagramTwitter.

4. When did I write them?

  1. In the morning by waking up way too early
  2. In the day after my elder one left for her school and after little one slept
  3. In the evening while kids ate their dinner
  4. Late in the night after everyone slept and I mean very late
  5. While my little one sat in my lap
  6. While my elder one was listening to loud music in the same room
  7. While both of them brought the house down
  8. While spilling coffee all and water every single time
  9. In between phone calls, work and emails
  10. In between birthday celebrations, shopping sprees and weekend getaways

5. Why did I write children’s fiction?

I seriously wanted to challenge myself and do something beyond my comfort zone. This challenge was my virgin attempt at writing fiction.

6. How did I think about the stories, topics, subjects and concepts?

My first thought was always to look at things that children loved or are afraid of. Then build a story around them. Some of the subjects of my stories are the objects that we usually don’t pay much attention to in our day-to-day lives. Seems like the child in me didn’t grow up.

To sum it up, I never thought I will be looking at A to Z as not just mere alphabets, but also as lead characters of my stories. This challenge opened my mind and thoughts in ways I could only imagine. My stories brought positive changes in my thinking process and the way I look at life in general. I now know that I can push myself harder. My resolution for 2018 is to write more and write better. I can see it happening for rest of the year. After all, now I know my ABC.

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pretty mumma says

12 thoughts on “Now I Know My ABC

  1. What an amazing mother and writer you are, and now you have a book to give to your children! Congratulations on participating and completing a challenging challenge.
    And now I have the ABC song stuck in my head. :-0

    1. Haha…true that! I was singing it all the while writing this. Your support to the blogger community is commendable, Cheryl. Thank you so much for stopping by. Much appreciated.

  2. Congrats on completing the challenge! As a mom, I can understand how challenging it gets to even open the laptop, leave alone be consistent with writing on a particular theme. Kudos!

  3. Wow! I’ve written a handful of first drafts of children’s stories, and it’s an intense process. To do 26 in a month is incredible! I look forward to reading through your posts now. Any you think you’d like to rework into manuscripts for publication, or are you primarily looking at it as a one-and-done experience as far as those stories are concerned? Kudos on completing the challenge, particularly having learned about it and decided to sign up relatively last minute!

    (Found this post through the Reflections spreadsheet.)

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Alana. Yes, I am coming out with my ebook of select short stories from those 26. Thank you for stopping by!

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