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A to Z Blog Challenge Theme Reveal: Fiction Fixation

Hey people!!! The April A to Z blog challenge is back! I wanted to take up this challenge since the time I came to know about this. I am so excited!!! (which you can obviously understand by looking at the number of exclamation marks!)

Theme I have picked for this challenge is…(drumrolls)…FICTION.

Pretty Mumma Says

I love reading fiction and have only read fiction works until now. I thought this is a brilliant opportunity to try my hand at writing it.

This challenge is going to be extra special for me as I will also mark one year anniversary of my blog in April, which is also my birthday month. Happy birthday to me multiplied by two!

pretty mumma says

I never really thought I could write before I actually started blogging. My husband kept pushing me to write and I didn’t really feel I have the aptitude. But hey, this ain’t a competition, eh! I thought to myself and registered my blog in 2017. And trust me when I say this, my first blog was really bad. Too bad actually. Fast forward to 2018, here I am attempting fiction. I can say that I am constantly learning and improving. I wrote a small piece a little while ago. Read it here.

The name of my blog “Pretty Mumma Says” is another story.

pretty mumma says

Well, simply because I feel that every woman is pretty, every mother is pretty and moms always have something to say to their kids, family, well-wishers and world at large. So, why not name my blog as Pretty Mumma Says and eureka!

pretty mumma says

My blog is all about my thoughts and musings. I am a “to-each-his-own” kind of mother and I usually refrain from giving unsolicited advice. Just the way I don’t like receiving it. However, I like sharing my personal experiences and learnings hoping it may benefit other mothers in the same situation. I also like writing anything I feel passionate about. I like writing about subjects that need to be written and spoken about.

This challenge will be my first serious attempt at writing fiction. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing. Stay tuned and keep visiting me to read my blogs all through the month of April.

pretty mumma says



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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 I truly appreciate! This will keep me going for a long time to come

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