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3018 – Women Take On The Universe

Chapter 5

As the sun rises on the first morning of 3018, the congregation of premier women leaders of 180 planets meet at Sayuri Jima, a cosmopolitan city in erstwhile Japan on planet Earth. Every planet has an acquired status depending upon their economy, population, sex ratio, happiness quotient, employment opportunities, and education & literacy.

While the women bosses bask in the first rays of the drawing sun, they plan to go around the town. The main agenda of this summit is to select a new President of Sayuri Jima. The idea behind this tour is to see the on-ground-reality, since Atsumi, who was the President of Sayuri Jima led the congregation this year. They decided to divide themselves in small group and tour the different parts of the city.

Dressed in their best of the outfits, truly looking like women in and of power, these impeccably dresses women ventured out. Sunny skies, cool breeze, clean roads, shiny skyscrapers and a city bustling with people from every planet, ethnicity and race. These women were taking pride in the hard work they had put in building a unison and equality amongst all the planets. The population on every planet could immigrate to any other planet. There was no differentiation based on the status of their planet.

Atsumi was a 45 years old woman who was married to Hiroshi, a lawyer. She was highly educated and had two daughters – Kaori who was 15 years old and Maaya who was 10 years old.

This summit was happening at the very delicate phase of her life. After what happened, she wanted to give up this position but she gathered herself. She was broken initially, however if she won’t support Kaori right now then who will, she thought. She was still having a tough time accepting the news of Kaori’s pregnancy. Though it had no impact on her career, she still wanted to be fair to her daughter and support her in making the best decision.

While the group was gone, Atsumi went home to check on Kaori. As soon as she entered the room she saw Kaori with that boy – Haruki. If Atusmi wanted, she could have destroyed his life or ordered for death sentence. On Earth, it was a crime leading to death if a man impregnates a girl without her will. Not a single lawyer or judge could stop that. It was world ruled by women and run by women. Men had no say. Albeit, it was a fair world. There was no place for injustice.

Haruki walked toward Atsumi and asked to forgive him. He was scared looking into the eyes of Atsumi, he was just 18 years old after all.

What have you thought, Kaori?” said Atsumi. Kaori kept staring at herself in the mirror, tears dripping down from her cheeks soaking her favourite pink tshirt.

She turned toward Atsumi and hugged her tightly.

“I don’t know what to do. I am sorry. I know it’s my decision but I am confused” said Kaori.

“But the decision has to be yours, Kaori. I want you to decide your future and this boy – you are free to leave him and I can send him to the jail for his punishment. I will support you in whatever you decide to do” said Atsumi.

There was silence in the room. Kaori could hear her mama’s heartbeats which were her lullabies once, have become her strength. Kaori never felt so empowered and in control of her life. Sensing the indecisiveness, Atsumi said, “No matter what, I will support you.”

Kaori was so angry at Harumi. They looked at each other assuredly and Atsumi left the room to make a call. She came back 20 minutes later. Police came and took Haruki away to the jail. Haruki could only see the hate and revenge in Kaori’s eyes.

Take rest, Kaori. Sleep for sometime. I’ll be back by evening. I will take you for Endipregynous therapy later. Don’t take stress. You’ll be fine. I love you!”, Atsumi kissed Kaori’s forehead and left the room.

The women leader congregation had returned to the venue. They have decided the future of Atsumi. Atsumi opened the door of the hall where other 179 members were sitting. The room went silent and all the women stood to greet her. She took her place and waited for the verdict anxiously.

She opened the file brought to her by a staff member. She looked inside, smiled and thanked all the women present in the hall as she was chosen as the President of Sayuri Jima again. Her heart filled with mixed emotions as the room filled with loud applause.


This blog is a part of #womensdayblogparty. I want to thank Shatchya of www.purplishvintage.com for introducing me. Also read Gurjeet’s blog on a very interesting topic at www.prismaroundgurjeet.com

30 thoughts on “3018 – Women Take On The Universe

    1. I hope too. The idea was to portray a woman who is not only an achiever but also a mother who gives equal opportunity to her children. A mother who has made her children capable enough to make their own decisions. Also, let’s not forget that the our society that has been patriarchal since 5000 years has not changed much. It was a somewhat practical yet fictitous take on the prompt. Thanks for reading, Nayantara. Glad to be a part of this blog hop.

    1. Handling emotions without losing the balance is something very unique to women. Thank you so much for reading and appreciating, Aesha. I am glad you liked it.

  1. Wow so imaginative and yet thoughtful.. how beautifully you showed the strength of a woman and a love of mother..

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Sonam. That was the idea behind writing this piece. I am glad you liked it.

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Romila. I am inspired to write more now. Will surely think about this.

  2. I see so much ‘hope’ in your story. I wish what we visualize for 3018 comes true in 2018 itself and things start changing soon!

  3. That Title itself is quite eye catching. That was a very interesting read. You have a natural talent for fiction with a purpose.

    1. That’s a huge compliment coming from you. Thank you so much for reading and appreciating.

  4. What a wonderful read. You should definitely try writing a fiction novel. I would buy it for sure. Absolutely loved it.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and appreciating. Reading your words boosted my confidence manyfolds.

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