50 Positive Affirmations For Your Child

Hey pretty mummas!! Affirmations play a very important role in building a child’s personality, confidence and self-esteem. They are also a great way of enforcing good habits, good manners, positive outlook and also teaching them to manage their emotions and feelings.

Affirmations play a very important role in building a child's personality, confidence and self-esteem. A selection of 50 #affirmations for your child.

As a parent, it can be challenging sometimes to truly understand what’s going on in their heart and mind. It is difficult at times to know their fears, anxieties and troubles.

I am facing a very tricky situation these days. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you already know that I am a mother of two kids – Miss D (6) and RD (2). RD is at a stage where he wants everything that his big sister, Miss D, has. He imitates everything that his big sister does. Ultimately, Miss D feels troubled by him a lot of times. Many times when I am not around, I have to tell Miss D to be careful around him.

I feel that on some days she feels bogged down by the whole idea of being the “big sister”. Somedays she starts blaming herself for anything that goes wrong while playing or doing any activity together. That’s completely wrong and requires tactful handling of the situation. However, when she is actually at fault, we don’t start blaming her outrightly. She is also a child afterall!

In situations like these, I calm her down and reinforce and remind her of her good qualities. I use “Positive Affirmations” as an approach to handle these situations. I keep telling her how good a sister she is and how much she loves her little brother.

This is just one situation. There are many such everyday scenarios that truly test my patience and wit. Even if you are a parent of a single child, these kinds of tricky situations keep testing you day in and out.

When I say these positive statements, I see a relief and a smile on her face. With this approach, she is becoming a more loving, caring and careful around her little brother. She is also becoming an optimist, a person with a positive perspective and approach. In other words, Miss D sees the half glass full.

I have listed the affirmations that I say to both of my kids. These are like positive programming codes or mantras that encourages children mastering their thoughts. These will also help them manyfold on their way into adulthood. You can choose to say them to your child or ask your child to repeat after you.

50 Positive Affirmations For Your Child

Affirmations play a very important role in building a child's personality, confidence and self-esteem. A selection of 50 #affirmations for your child.

  1. I am loved
  2. I am helpful
  3. I am friendly
  4. I am kind
  5. I am responsible
  6. I have many friends
  7. I am blessed
  8. I am loving
  9. I am generous
  10. I am confident
  11. I am honest
  12. I am wise
  13. I am intelligent
  14. I am thankful
  15. I am unique
  16. I am brave
  17. I am a positive person
  18. I am forgiving
  19. I love myself
  20. I love my family
  21. My family loves me
  22. I am important
  23. I am a good friend
  24. I trust my family
  25. I love food
  26. I can do anything
  27. Never say no
  28. I am proud of myself
  29. I am beautiful
  30. I love reading
  31. I love my school
  32. I love studying
  33. I am successful
  34. I believe in myself
  35. I am compassionate
  36. Nothing is impossible
  37. I love my pet
  38. I am a winner
  39. I am healthy
  40. I like trying new things
  41. I like to wake up early
  42. I like going to school
  43. I like to sleep early
  44. I am always on time
  45. I like to stay clean
  46. I can solve any problem
  47. I am polite
  48. I am good to others
  49. I am funny
  50. I am independent

You can also make flashcards or chits of these affirmations. Turn this task into an exciting DIY activity with your child. Everyday, ask your child to pick one and read it out loud for 5 times. Read, Repeat, Remember, Recall. 

I hope you find these affirmations useful. If you do affirmations, which ones did you find most helpful? Leave a comment below and share with me.


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25 thoughts on “50 Positive Affirmations For Your Child

  1. You know …this is perfect way we can build trust confidence and above all connection with kids… perfect post

  2. I will certainly incorporate these affirmations in my kids day to day life. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I can so relate to this post. My daughter is also 5 and she happened to be exposed to her younger cousins recently and felt so insecure of her mum being shared and so many other things. Similar positive affirmations helped me keep.her same and on track.

  4. I am exactly in the same situation. I am going to do this diy. Thanks a lot. Kids are kids after all. They need assurance from adults that what they are doing is valued.

  5. wow…this is too good dear. I will ask my kid for this. It will help them to be more confident and focused in life. My little kid whenever does something new, he comes to me and asks me to see his creation. I always appreciate him, tells him good words. I know it will make him more confident in the future.

  6. This post is very informative and helpful for the parents for their kids to be more focused and motivated.

  7. This is an absolutely great post! Affirmations are so important and it is great if we build affirmative speech as part of the child’s mental make-up!

  8. Positive affirmations from a parent are must for a child to develop into a Confident and a good human. Gonna take print of theSe affirmations and practise the ones I lack in.

  9. This is such an informative post. Positive affirmations for the children are really important to develop and to enhance their confidence.

  10. You know, I am facing this problem in my home. My daughter some time get irritated and start crying that she has to pay a lot for being elder. Yes ,this affirmative is a good idea. I will try

  11. Making a flash card would be a great idea for teaching such affirmations. I am sure they will work as I do practise them with my 1.5 year

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