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Odd One Out

Osric! Osric?? Why do they call you the odd one out?

Because I am a bird who can’t fly. Duh!

SURBHI MAHOBIA odd one out pretty mumma says

Can you see at far distances?

Yes, very clearly. I have big eyes. My long neck makes it easier for me to look far.

SURBHI MAHOBIA odd one out pretty mumma says


You never miss a thing. Isn’t it?

Yeah! I blink my eyes too slow. I blink once every minute.

You are quite huge. Are you good at running?

Yes, I have long legs. I am the fastest.

SURBHI MAHOBIA odd one out pretty mumma says

People think you bury your head in sand. Do you?

Nah. Not really. It’s an old belief. I just bend my neck down and put my head on the ground.

What kind of food do you eat?

Ah! I eat everything. But I don’t have teeth. I swallow pebbles to chew my food.

SURBHI MAHOBIA odd one out pretty mumma says

Whoa! This is amazing!!

Osric, you know what? You’re not odd or different. You’re very special.

Thank you for telling me about you, Osric.

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6 thoughts on “Odd One Out

  1. This is actually nice. BTW, thanks for this, even I didn’t know a couple of facts about Osric… will definitely share this with my daughter. It’s a day of enlightening for us. 🙂

  2. Such a fun way to learn. Oh, and I used to think that they do bury their heads in the sand. Haha. Loved it.

    1. I thought too. When I researched about ostriches for this story, the facts came out totally different. Thank you so much for reading, Neha 🙂

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