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My Treasure In My Little Heaven

While reading an article a few days ago, I came across something so meaningful that it put my thoughts and my life in perspective.

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal; but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matt. 6:19-21) 

This verse from the Bible compelled me to introspect, reflect in retrospect and think about my possessions. Things that don’t matter, things that matter the most and people that came into my life at different points. While some people stayed, some also left (I thank my stars!) and became memories. It took me a while to gather my thoughts on the treasure(s) I possess. I decided to share about my non-materialistic treasure, for that is my biggest wealth. Some god-gifted and some I discovered.

My Family

I had a very typical father-daughter relationship. He was rock solid, a pillar for our family, and a man who could be trusted and relied upon. He was a man of honour and integrity, and always led by example. Hard work, honesty, determination, willpower, gratitude and kind-heartedness were few of his qualities. He taught us to live with our heads held high, no matter what. I grew up as the elder sibling with my brother. We were poles apart and on loggerheads till we crossed teenage. Our father’s passing away early proved to be an inflection point for both of us. We started developing a stronger bond. We both knew we had to be strong and together, for our mother. We developed a solid bonding and emotional dependence on each other. My Bro is a Hero for my kids. They adore him a lot. They have a very special and informal relationship and I wish it continues, only to grow stronger. My mother, with her ethereal presence around us, has played a vital role in our family. She stayed at home to raise us, and always placed family interest before hers. Her unconditional love and support for us had no bounds. After getting married and becoming a mother, her measured presence in my life has been of utmost importance. I learnt how to support without meddling – a unique quality she possesses. Whether it was moving houses, restarting my career or pursuing my passion, she has been always there to be with me in all her capacity.

I was raised in a conservative, Indian, joint family environment. My younger brother had all sorts of permissions, whereas I wasn’t allowed to even go to a friend’s house in the neighbourhood. My other cousins were either younger or elder to me, many of whom stayed in other cities. We met only on family occasions. I always felt some sort of a disconnect with them, which I am still trying to mend. Some memories of my time with them just won’t fade. Nonetheless, I just adore their kids and all of them are very loving towards my kids too. They are an important part of my life because my father nurtured and taught us this togetherness, leaving behind the legacy of one extended family.

I started my career working with my (now) husband who was then my manager. We did not grow fond of each other mutually. He garnered my respect over the period of time and little did I know that he was falling for me. One fine day, during a sports activity in our office, he challenged me to climb a tree. I hadn’t done it before. I took the challenge and climbed the tree. I got so scared after reaching on the top (wee almost!) that I couldn’t gather the courage to climb down. After spending some time on top of the tree, he shouted and asked me to jump! And I did! I landed on my feet scared and almost sure of breaking my legs. But he stood there and held me. This one moment changed my life. I discovered a person in whom I could believe and trust. He asked me to marry him and I said yes! We are now married for 10 beautiful years and have two adorable children.

My mother-in-law is a gem of a person. She is extremely loving and dedicated towards all of us. I haven’t seen someone so selfless, who expects nothing in return. She gave her kids (my husband and his sisters) an upbringing that I wish I could do too. She cared for me at the time of my pregnancies and later after giving birth to my children with utmost love. I will be honest and admit that we have a sweet and sour relationship. As individuals, we have our own thoughts, belief systems and norms. To some we agree and to some we agree to disagree.

My family is my most prized possession and treasure. My husband, brother and both the mothers are my biggest support system, for I know they have my back!

My Friends


During my early school years, I hardly had any friends. I was an introvert and never really spoke to other kids in the class. It was much later, in the high school that I made four friends – all girls. And that was a big number for me. From none to four! They were all girls and I had the best time with them in school. All of us were also the part of our school group for National Cadet Corps (NCC). Right from shooting rifles in the range, to parading for hours; from dancing on stage school’s annual day to throwing Coke on random boys’ face who were asking one of us to be his friend – we did it all! All of us are married now and settled in different countries. Currently, I am in touch and very close with two of them, and my friendship with them has grown deeper and stronger, thanks to the internet and smartphone revolution. We talk almost every day and share everything. They are my go-to people. And as Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy says, they are MY PERSONS!

After passing the school, I drifted afar from them for some time because of reasons that I now think of as excuses. I made new friends in college – all boys. We were a crazy bunch. Now, we don’t miss any opportunity to meet whenever all of us are in town.

My friends are like my treasure which I discovered over the years. And I am not going to let them disappear!

My Deeds


Without being modest, I am a very warm-hearted person. I believe in spirituality more than religion. I am a firm believer of Karma and like to keep my books balanced. For every wrong I do knowingly or unknowingly, I make corrections. I believe in the circle of life and closing the loop. I think every open loop leaves an opportunity to correct your Karma. My good Karma(s) are my treasure for my heaven!

To sum it, my most cherished treasures are my moments with my kids, family and friends; and some good deeds that I may have collected in my journey so far.


This blog is first in the series of 7 blogs written as a part of The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6, 2017

16 thoughts on “My Treasure In My Little Heaven

  1. Hey Surbhi, I can connect with your blog. My good karmas are my treasures to heaven. I believe in the same way. And it ia our karmas only that today we are in such a loving and supportive family.

  2. It was heartwarming to read about your life’s journey and getting to know you. You seem to be my kind of person. I am another person who considers herself spiritual more than religious and a believer in Karma. All the best for the write tribe festival of words 🙂

  3. The things you have listed are indeed real treasures and you are lucky to have them. The good deeds part of it was different and yes. our good deeds are our treasures .

  4. well most of us value our family and friends as our treasure. But few value Karma as a treasure. This shows a pure soul within you. such a well written post. I am glad I got to read your blog because of the write tribe challenge.

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