Me: The GenX Millennial Mom

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Nayantara for introducing me. She writes about her sweet and sour mommyhood adventures at Mommying BabyT. Check it out!

I am not my Mom!



I said it!!

She gave birth to me. I love her. I can’t think of doing so many things without her. She loves us and my children probably more than I do. She does things for me and my family unconditionally. She is my mother. Yet, I am not her.

Here’s why…

  • Being a Millennial and a Gen-X, making life easy, hassle-free and nonmonotonous is embedded in my DNA. I believe in simplifying life rather than adding complexity. I like to express my opinions and suggestions without hesitation. Unlike my mom, who always kept other’s interests before hers and chose to remain silent when she should have taken the stand. Sometimes she did it out of her own choice and sometimes she had no option.
  • I like to take a break from mundane house management and feel no guilt about it. Some days I am on top of my game and some days are just blah! I don’t feel like moving my backside at all. Whereas, my mother always preferred doing things all by herself everyday! There were so many things she would do in one day which I think I will take a week to accomplish.
  • I don’t find joy in everyday cooking and find it extremely tedious and monotonous. I have a cook who does the job. I had a corporate job and weird working hours. I made a choice of hiring someone who could make edible food for us and I have no qualms about it. I seldom cook and if I do, then it becomes a celebration in itself. However, my mother cooked for us everyday and made every meal fun and enjoyable without fail. For us, going to restaurants was an annual ritual those days.
  • I don’t care about what others think about me or my family. And I am quite serious here. I seriously don’t! As some philosopher once said – Mah Lyf, Mah Rulezzz! (For those who can’t understand – My life, my rules!). I attribute my fierce “I don’t care” attitude to my becoming financially independent and interdependent quite early in my life. I have been working and earning since I was a fresh graduate from college. No! I wasn’t in a call centre. I was in a fulltime corporate job handling hiring and recruitment. So, yeah…that!
  • My mom likes to think, over think, think a little more and she keeps thinking till she starts thinking aloud. You know what I mean? And me, well, I sometimes think but most of the days I just ignore. Yeah, I am quite an expert at that. Ignorance is bliss – isn’t it? Current status – She is under my training.


So that’s ME – A Generation X Millennial woman in 2017. I am a woman who is not her mother, yet a daughter of a strong woman. I am with her. I am a part of her. I am proud of her.

I have written this blog as a part of #9daysofwomanhood blogathon. Prompt for day one is Being A Woman in India in 2017. Further, I would like to introduce Upasana. Read about today’s prompt on her blog

25 thoughts on “Me: The GenX Millennial Mom

  1. Totally loved reading this. So relatable! My mum worked ever since I could remember, so we never did woman stays in the kitchen kind of things ever!

    P.s.: your mom looks super adorable ♥️

  2. This is so special! It brought a smile to my face. I don’t enjoy cooking either and have been judged for it but do I care? Hello no! To us! 🍸

  3. Everything you so said sounds like the talks my mother and I would have growing up and living in a different genre, brought back these happy memories that I have of my mom, thank you

  4. What an amazing post and while my mom was home with me, I do appreciate all moms who multitask that is work and do all the work at home. Hats off ❤️

  5. There is absolutely no compulsion thag we should be like our parents. If we do that, how does the society change? Beautiful post 😊

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