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Hey, just a little bit! #cuttingpaani

Scene 1 – Whenever I enter a café or a restaurant, the first thing I spot is – water glasses on the table. Some upside down, unused. Some empty. Some unfinished. Half-empty or half-full? Well, that’s subjective. However, when thinking about conserving water those glasses are definitely half-empty.

Scene 2 – We are already so short of water. And I am talking about drinking water. We all know in our hearts how privileged we are to even get drinking water in our homes, from a tap. We just have to walk few steps and tada! Here’s our glass full of water which we choose to finish or leave it half depending upon our want. Now for a minute, think about those who have to walk for miles to get water, let alone drinkable quality.

Scene 3 – I have a help at home for washing utensils who runs water from the tap on the washbasin for atleast 20-30mins every day. I keep telling her to turn it off when she doesn’t need water. But she refuses to understand the reason behind it and the water keeps flowing like there’s no end to it. Then one day I made her understand that it’s the people in her strata who struggle for water every day. She and her family stand in a queue with their buckets and canisters waiting for the water tanker to arrive every morning at 4am.

Scene 4 – “Mumma, I am thirsty.” We hear these words and run to get water for our little ones. We naturally tend to give a glass full obviously not knowing how thirsty our kids are. Most of the times kids don’t drink all the water and leave some in the glass. We instantly throw the water left in the glass.

These are the scenes that we encounter almost every day. On World Water Day, lets pledge to save water for our future and our children. It’s time for us to become responsible parents, citizens and act like good Samaritans.

PRetty Mumma says

Here’s what we can be do to conserve water:

  1. Staying hydrated doesn’t mean leaving water in the glass every time. For drinking, take only as much water as you want. Take again or ask again in case of more. Why not use a water bottle? Even better.
  2. Educate household helps to use water wisely for washing, cleaning and mopping.
  3. To smaller children, give little water to drink at a time. Serve again if need be. They usually don’t finish the whole glass and end up wasting water. Use smaller size glasses for them.
  4. In case of bottled water, if there is water left in it then give to a needy. Blessings free!
  5. For washing vegetables, fill a small bucket of water. Dunk and wash all the vegetables in that water. It’ll also save time involved in washing vegetables every time before cooking.
  6. Educate children about importance of water. Nature and nurturing must always go hand-in-hand.
  7. Shower consumes more water than a bucket full. So, either bathe quickly or choose bucket over shower.

LivPure has started a campaign to raise awareness about conserving water. I have signed their petition and you too can sign the petition here.

Do you have any more tips? Leave a comment and let me know.



14 thoughts on “Hey, just a little bit! #cuttingpaani

  1. We follow almost all the tips that you have shared. It’s so good to see proper awareness is being spread to conserve one of our most essential resources-water!

  2. the sight of unfinished water makes me so upset sometimes. but people have not really thought about the impact when they do this. your tips are simple but impactful.

    1. It’s really sad that hundreds of liters of water gets wasted because of this simple ignorance. About time that people should start taking this issue seriously. Thank you for reading, Nayantara 🙂

    1. True. It’s high time. And if nothing is done now then we will be repenting in future for our ignorance. Thank you for reading, Tina.

  3. I always make sure to carry my own bottle when traveling. It is important to pay attention to this matter before the situation gets any worse. The more we save today, the more our future generation will be in better condition

    1. Absolutely! We must start taking serious step else we are not very far from a sitaution like Cape Town. Thank you for reading, Kavita!

  4. Great to see people talking about conserving water and following it too.. simple tips but can leave a lasting impact on our environment.

    1. Absolutely, Rashmi. A larger impact is created by small but regular efforts. Thank you for reading!

    1. If I am able to leave a minuscule impact, my job will be done. Thank you for reading, Rohini!

  5. Hey pretty mumma!!!#cuttingpaani#very impactful….never ever thought that saving even a half glass of water can save so much!!! Like they say “boond boond se ghada Bharta hai,”…great job👍

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