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Foods To Keep Cool In Summer

I am not a food writer. I am also not a food blogger. I am a “Mother” of two children and a lot of plants, so I better be knowing what will keep all of them cool and rejuvenated in scorching summer.

My plants are the happiest when I water them, that’s the only thing they need everyday. Some organic manure fortnightly or so makes them delightful and bloom with joy. They are the least demanding beings in my home, truly.

When it comes to choosing foods or fruits for my children, I keep only one thing in mind – this should not result in loosies, mouth ulcers or any sort of breakout on their body. This is a wisdom passed on to me by my mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. I trust them with their choices because there is definitely science behind it backed by years of experience.

Remember as kids, our grannies told us not to eat something in winter saying that this is thandi taseer, this food is meant for the summer. And when the mercury dips, you need garam taseer to warm the body, the elderlies would tell us.

There are two types of foods –

foods with “garam taseer”; i.e. foods that keep our bodies warm from within

foods with “thandi taseer”; i.e. foods that keep our bodies cool from within

Most of the raw fruits or vegetables that are produced during summer have “thandi taseer”; i.e. they keep our body cool from inside so the effect of heat outside has a lesser impact within. Not only kids but we must consume more of such foods as well.


Curd, as we know, is a good example of thandi taseer. It can be consumed in the form of buttermilk (chhachh in Hindi) and lassi. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit. Traditional Lassi is savoury. However, sweet lassi contains sugar or fruits, instead of spices. In summer, a lot of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are prepared using the base of curd for curry. Curd is also a natural probiotic that will also ease the digestion of heavier food.

Cucumber and Melons

Cucumbers and melons are natural coolers. They contain 90% water which keeps the body hydertated and cool. It’s best to have them everyday. Mommies looking to flatten their tummy, these are a must have for you. Cucumber especially is known to melt the belly fat.

Gourd Family

Gourd family vegetables are cooling, calming, a good diuretic and anti-bilious. As much as they are boring, they are highly beneficial in summers. Bottle gourd, bitter gourd and ridge gourd have great benefits. Indian Round Gourd or Tinda is equally good.

Chillies and Spices

Surprised? Chillies and spices induce sweating. It’s the evaporation of sweat that removes heat from your body. So as long as you stay hydrated while eating spicy food, the perspiration that comes from enjoying the spicy food will force your body to cool itself quickly and more efficiently.

So our elders definitely knew what they were talking about. Eat “thandi taseer ka khana”, they rightly told what the season demands. Isn’t that cool?

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24 thoughts on “Foods To Keep Cool In Summer

  1. This is interesting. I’ve heard these theories from the elder generation too and I think there’s definitely some truth to them. Especially curd, it’s a life saver!

  2. Great post and I completely agree with the thought of “Taseer of food”, according to Ayurveda, changing your food with the change in season, help a lot to keep to healthy and fit. and in summer adding these cold Taseer foods help a lot to prevent summer related illnesses. thanks a lot for reminding us. so glad to a part of this series and getting connected with you. thanks a lot for introducing me, will try my best efforts to make the thing, #Roarwillrock #openntalk

  3. It’s so true that there is wisdom in what our elders used to recommend – especially the seasonality of foods. Nice post, Surbhi! You should also do one on garam tehsir foods, just for reference.

    PS- so glad to be competing with you in the #OpenNTalk bloggers league! I’m part of team #NissaTalks. All the best to you Roaring Tigresses 🙂

  4. I didnt know about this garam taseer and Thanda taseer 🙂
    Loved reading it. Yes cucumber and watermelon are good for summer days but Chilly??? OMG! I really didnt know this fact. thanks for sharing.
    #BloggerBabes #OpeNTalk

  5. Yes, elders did know a lot of things. And there were reasons for what they used to suggest.
    I didn’t know chili can be good during summers. But your reasoning makes a lot of sense. Whatever we eat, if the water intake is proper then I don’t think we should be worried.

  6. A crisp and helpful post to help get our summer-diet sorted! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I like everything in that list except bitter gourd; although I know it’s healthy, I just can’t stand it 🙁

    #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

  7. It is true that our elders generation knew what is suitable for which climates. You have given a detailed idea of what hot and cool things you could partake during the right climates. #NISSATalks

  8. what a great tips to keep to stay calm cool in summer. I definitely try this thodi taseer k khana , my hubby in summer suffer from heat stroke and naksheer , this will help a lot. I too remember my mom use to say curd thandi taseer hoti hai.

  9. Wat to add that in old age people use to follow this, but now a days people eat without carrying about climates demand which result to health issues… we should eat as per climate… #NISSATalks

  10. Perfect post for Summers. It’s always better to go with foods that help in that particular weather.
    #Bloggingdivas #Openntalk

  11. Thandi Taseer ka khana is a new word added to my dictionary. I’ve grown up hearing ushna or thand jevan in Marathi. My favorite for summers was Buttermilk, had it almost every alternate day 🙂 This post was a short one but yet so informative.

  12. Absolutely agree with the information.. My mother always says to consume the seasonal fruits and veggies as they are beat for a particular season and not to buy the stored ones.

  13. This is a great post and very informative one. Yes I remember garam and thandi taseer and try ro follow it as much as possible

  14. Extremely refreshing post. Though the rains have entered Mumbai, it is still extremely hot and humid. Your post comes as a breath of fresh air. Sharing it with all my friends. Keep writing!

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