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PrettyMumma’s Honest Review – Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Gentle

Hey pretty mummas!

Lets agree that it’s a struggle to find the right products for our babies. Products these days are loaded with chemicals and putting our trust on a new brand is not easy. There are so many new brands entering the market, but will they suit our babies is anybody’s guess.

Both of my kids have extremely sensitive skin. I just can’t take chances. I have used baby skin care products from Cetaphil, Chicco, Mothercare, Spoo and Teddy Bar in the past. Currently, I am using Avon’s Kid’s shampoo with Conditioner and Clinic Plus shampoo with Garnier’s Coconut Oil conditioner, for alternate washes, for my 5 years old daughter. For my one-year-old baby, I am using Chicco Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo.

Recently, after receiving the samples from Sebamed India, I thought of trying Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft for my daughter. She has very sensitive Atopic skin. She gets severe heat rashes and I thought of trying it on her skin. After two uses, the affected area of her skin became non-flaky, soft and non-itchy. There was no dryness at all. It was a massive relief for her.


  • It is 100% soap and alkali free
  • Its pH value of 5.5 supports the moisture balance of skin


PrettyMumma Observes:

  • It’s colourless and tear-free
  • It has a very pleasant fragrance
  • It’s tear-free and non-irritant
  • It made her skin clean, soft and shiny

PrettyMumma’s Verdict:

  • Its MRP is Rs.900 for 400ml which, in my opinion, is very expensive
  • Makes it somewhat unaffordable
  • It’s extremely gentle and very good for baby skin
  • Easy to get at local pharmacies and online too
  • Extremely soothing for dry skin problems
  • Since I was trying out samples so far and just loved it, I am definitely going to buy it.

This post has an honest review which, in no way, has been sponsored by the brand. PR samples, but opinions are my own.





30 thoughts on “PrettyMumma’s Honest Review – Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Gentle

  1. It looks so great and promising body wash for babies. I agree with all its qualities but spending 900 on such product is very big thing for me. Very expensive product. Liked your review.

  2. Usually the product for dry and sensitive skin are expensive but the results are beyond comparison..as a parent all we want is the best..loved the review completely honest

  3. I love using this wash on my baby. It is soft and gentle and foremostly it maintain the skin pH balance.

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