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Book Review: Digital Marketing for Small Business by Neha Tambe

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses is an extremely handy guide for those individuals and small businesses who want to understand the basics of digital marketing. It is written by Neha Tambe who is a social media marketing expert and a blogger. Written in a very simple language, I found her ebook very easy to understand.

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Neha has given some good ideas and suggestions revolving around the hottest medium of marketing these days, i.e. digital marketing. She has covered all the social media marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. She has also discussed other internet marketing tools like emailers, etc.

Her e-book is also very helpful for small businesses, ebusinesses and bloggers who want to understand the essentials of SEO for their websites and blogs. Every chapter talks very concisely about the digital marketing tools one by one and how can they be used for scaling up the business.

The only shortcoming of the ebook has been in the illustrations. The illustrations used in the e-book are not legible. Most of them are hard to read due to very small text. The graphics become blur upon zooming and it’s really difficult to understand what’s written.

Other than the above, I quite liked Digital Marketing for Small Businesses as it is loaded with valuable ideas and it throws light upon best practices for digital marketing as well. This exclusive ebook is free to download. You can grab your copy from here.

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16 thoughts on “Book Review: Digital Marketing for Small Business by Neha Tambe

  1. Nice info about Neha’s book, will definitely read to learn the tactics of Digital marketing and its important weapons. #BlogAMile #OpenNTalk

  2. I also loved her book. Pretty easy to follow and all tricks and tips covered. #OpenNTalk #BlogAMile

  3. Nehas book is very helpful for bloggers as she shares some great tips as a digital media marketer.
    #Bloggingdivas #Openntalk

  4. Ebooks available on Amazon have .mobi extension and there are apps that help one convert even a word file to this format effectively. Colour illustrations aren’t possible on Kindle and must be avoided unless the TG of an ebook is of those who read on iPads, tablets, and laptops.

    Arvind Passey

    #NISSATalks #OpenNTalk

  5. i think i need to read this. a blogger’s life is all about social media, i have to get my hands soon on this, thanks,

    – Princy from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week3

  6. I am in this industry for last 7 yrs so the technical part was easy for me. But its true bloggers face so many difficulties with seo and all. This book will help them a lot. #BloggerBabes #OpeNTalk

  7. Neha is a good and experienced writer/blogger. Am sure the pointers she shared in the ebook will be quite helpful. Thanks for sharing the review.
    #OpenNTalk #BloggerBabes

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