7 Values Your Kids Can Learn During Diwali

Diwali is a time full of excitement, celebration and happiness. It not only brings joy to our homes but also brings families together. Every year we wait for this time of year to celebrate this biggest festival with togetherness, laughter, good food, dressing up and making memories that last for our lifetime.

Amongst all the festive fervour, the time that we spent with our children is the most precious.

Diwali is a great occasion for ‘good parenting’ too.
It gives lots of opportunities to parents to demonstrate
the values that they like to teach their children.

Everyday situations in the home or outside make for great learning experiences that can shape their character and teach them moral values that they can carry with them into their adulthood too.

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7 Values That Your Kids Can Learn During Diwali

1. Sharing


Diwali is the time when we clear the clutter and get rid of unwanted things in our homes. You can teach sharing to your kids by asking them to give away their usable toys and books to children who are needy.

Not only Diwali but every time you want to discard your kid’s unwanted things like toys, books, shoes, stationery, etc., ask your kid to give it to those kids who are needy or can’t afford to buy them.

2. Respect


Most of us get our homes renovated, painted, cleaned, decluttered and replace old things with new on Diwali. Teach your kid to be respectful to all the community helpers working in the house by offering them water or food. These people truly demonstrate actual hardwork.

This is the right opportunity for you to teach them about the value of hardwork and money. You must also teach your child to greet the guests at home. That will not only make him feel a part of the group but when others will respond, it will give him the feeling of the grown-up. All kids want to be like grown-ups!

3. Teamwork


With all that festive frenzy around, all of us pick up our home tasks and aim to finish them before Diwali. For e.g., if mom is responsible for cleaning the bedroom, daddy can be responsible for cleaning the study room. This way you can teach your kid how fun it is to work as a team.

4. Responsibility


While you pick up your tasks, give your kid the responsibility of arranging his room or atleast keep things back to where they belong. Your kids will feel involved and enjoy the task given to him. Appreciate your child’s effort, however small it is. It’s a step towards taking up bigger responsibilities.

5. Benevolence


Diwali is the best time to teach your kid benevolence and kindness. This can only be taught by demonstrating and not by teaching or explaining.  All you have to do is to just set a good example in front of them so that they realize the importance of being kind to people.

6. Ethics


You can teach your child to recognise the difference between right and wrong on Diwali. The stories of Ramayana are a great learning source for building ethics. When he or she acts in ways that reflect those ethics or values, their self-respect is enhanced. Praise them when they do this.

7. Affection


Love and affection are beautiful feelings. If someone reciprocates with the same emotions, we feel incredibly happy. And that’s what you have to teach your child.

Let your child see you demonstrate your love and affection for the people in your life. Talk to your children about how much you love and appreciate their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Don’t let a day pass without expressing your affection for your child himself.


Don’t think that it’s too early to teach these values to your children. Apart from teaching and explaining these values to your child, the best way is to practice what you preach!

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12 thoughts on “7 Values Your Kids Can Learn During Diwali

  1. Very well written Surbhi. I believe, respect,responsibility, Ethics these are the key features of a good human character. Throughout the life we should follow these. And its true, our kids following us also. If we do wrong, they will do the same.The moral guidance they get from a mother specially. So I think we have to a bit active always. 🙂

  2. Very nice article… loved this topic and learnt few new things.. thanks for sharing this post Surabhi. BTW my name is also Surabhi 🙂

  3. These lessons are for for entire life. Festivals can make kids understand the values easily and in a fun way. Really beautiful post. Great job 👍

  4. I think this topic is very important that usually ignored. Teaching children values is not easy task. This post is worth Learning for parents and kids both learning to share teamwork and respect help in their personAlity development

  5. Hey that’s a wonderful piece of writing i loved the values mentioned here and each parent should involve their kids and teach them the real essence of festival.😊😊😊

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