Ultimate Road Trip Travel Tips and Hacks for Moms

Hey pretty mummas!! I have just returned from a road trip of 11 days covering 4500kms (approx 2800 miles) and crossing 6 states. It was marvellous and tiring, of course. Without being modest, I totally pat my and my husband, Sumit’s back for doing this. We planned for this trip in two days, packed and left.

Taking a roadtrip with two small kids is not easy.
It needs guts, I am being told and I agree.

Since it was a very long drive from Noida (Delhi NCR) to Goa, I had to keep a lot of stuff handy. A lot of things I kept within my reach so that we don’t have to stop the car on the highways to take anything out of the bags. It took us 3.5 days to reach Goa because we took a couple of detours to just enjoy the drive and see new places. So, now you can imagine how much stuff we had to take with us.

We take smaller road trips quite frequently and this was our second long-distance road trip. With my experiences and learnings, I am sharing some very useful travel hacks, especially for moms. These will make your travel a little easy and hassle-free.

Ultimate Travel Hacks for Moms

Ultimate Road Trip Travel Hacks for Moms which will make the trip hassle-free. Enjoy the journey with your kids with some organisation and you are all set!

Arrange a small travel bag

Other than the bags or luggage you pack for the destination, pack a separate bag just for the journey. Keep that bag within your reach, if possible. In case your child spills food or soil his clothes, you can immediately take out a fresh pair and change the clothes on-the-go.

Pack a travel pouch

Make a pouch of things which will come in use at every stop you make. These are some hygiene essentials and some basic makeup essentials to perk you up and keep you ready for the photographs. For ex.:

  • A hand sanitizer
  • A handwash or a few packs paper soaps
  • A small pack of dry tissues
  • Toilet seat sanitizer
  • A perfume/mist
  • A face mist or a small pack of facial wipes
  • A moisturiser
  • Vaseline petroleum jelly
  • A lip balm
  • Kohl or Kajal
  • A comb
  • A small scissor and a nail cutter


If you think you might get your periods during the journey, carry the sanitary napkins and keep them in the diaper bag. On the day of the heaviest flow, use a diaper instead of a sanitary napkin. Surprised? Try it at home and thank me later! A diaper is longer and has more soaking capacity than a sanitary napkin. Since you’ll be sitting for the long durations during the journey, don’t worry about the diaper getting displaced. No wings, no rashes.

Ultimate Road Trip Travel Hacks for Moms which will make the trip hassle-free. Enjoy the journey with your kids with some organisation and you are all set!

Don’t carry a lot of books or toys

Just keep your child’s favorite toy, a few extra ones which you think will keep your child busy for some time and 3-4 books. Your child will be either sleeping or be looking outside mostly. To keep him busy, keep showing him things outside or play his favourite rhymes on the music system.

Carry limited food items

Considering you are on a long drive, you would not want your child to feel uneasy because of indigestion, less water intake and upset stomach. Make your child eat light throughout the journey. Give small portions frequently or on demand basis.  But when it comes to the main meals, make them eat dal-roti-veggie if you are not averse to making your child eat at dhabas or motels. It’ll keep the motions in check and won’t constipate because of low water intake.

Pack the diapering essentials in a separate bag

If your baby is on diapers, pack his diaper bag with all the diapering essentials. Keep it within your reach if possible. If you buy the big pack of diapers, then keep atleast 10-12 diapers in the diaper bag. Keep the big pack in the boot. Carry an extra pack of wet wipes and diaper rash cream. If you run out of diaper rash cream during the journey, use vaseline or coconut oil.

Nutrition during journey

To keep your and your child’s fiber intake in check during the journey, it’s best to take fruits. You’ll find fruits everywhere. Pack a plate and a knife alongwith the other food items. Homemade nonperishable snacks are always better than biscuits and chips.


Download lots of music and movies on your phone, CD or pen drive. There might be highway stretches with no radio signal. Your favourite music will lift up your spirit and make the drive more enjoyable.

Ultimate Road Trip Travel Hacks for Moms which will make the trip hassle-free. Enjoy the journey with your kids with some organisation and you are all set!

I hope you find these hacks useful and practical. Do you have something to add to this? Any hacks that you know, do share with me in the comments. I would love to know more tips and hacks and prepare better for my next road trip.

– xo

Pretty Mumma

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21 thoughts on “Ultimate Road Trip Travel Tips and Hacks for Moms

  1. That’s great you went to Goa by road. I am sure you have enjoyed a lot and nothing is left in your travel bag. Loved your checklist.
    #croassbordersisters #openntalk

  2. I had many road trips, long ones. All you mentioned is so correct. I was surprised by just one thing “use a diaper instead of a sanitary napkin”. I mean seriously ?? 😛

    – Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week4

  3. I must appreciate your out of the box thinking behind using the diapers for the periods when on the road! Periods is one damper that spoils the spirit of journey. Sure gonna try this for my next trip.
    Thanks for sharing.
    #AYReads #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  4. 11 days road trip!! Really its amazing. Thanks for sharing all the details. Its really hard to plan a journey with kid. I also carry a separate bag. #BloggerBabes #OpenNTalk

  5. Those are some good and useful hacks. The diaper in place of napkin thing, I had no idea. Good music is a must to survive long journeys!
    #OpenNTalk #BloggerBabes

  6. I don’t know about road travel but I am definitely going to use your diaper tip I stead of pads during my next India trip if it coincides with my date.

  7. These are some great tips to consider of a new moms/parents. It is really important to know about the travel tips or hacks we need to consider.

  8. Quite a comprehensive list. Road tripping is really cool when you know the road is going to be good. SOme highways are in bad shape though and I always carry a pillow for the back!

  9. This is incredible. I dont have the guts to go to Pune from Mumbai via road with a child. So hats off to you. Your tips are reassuring though. I shall come back to them when I have mustered the courage to do this. 🙂

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