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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Shopping Guide – Vol. 3


My Two Scents

The famous Tiffany & Co. jewellery designer Paloma Picasso once said – “A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself; a costume that differs according to the woman who wears it.”

It’s true that you are never fully dressed without perfume. The reason I wear perfume is just not to smell good but also feel good and lively. Perfumes not only make an impression on the people around but also create memory associations for the one wearing it. Nothing lifts up the spirit and makes you feel pretty like a good perfume. Your perfume should bring life to your persona and exuberate your personality.

It’s quite funny that every perfume company promotes their fragrance with a promise to lure men to women. None of them smell of motherhood. None of them promotes or advertise their scents to be worn by women who are tidy, thrifty, intelligent and sensible. Well, that’s just my perception.

Here are some tips to buy the right perfume

Honestly, perfume is an indulgence and a splurge. However, that’s just part of the deal – refrain from buying the cheap imitations because they don’t give the real experience of the original perfume.

To some extent, your perfume should choose you. Never decide right away. Body chemistry makes a difference in the way a scent smells on you, so wear it for a while before buying.

Match your fashion sense. Your ‘look’ should have matching ‘smell’. One reason for this is that a scent is very personal, and there’s really no barometer other than your personal style and your own judgment. The other is that smells evoke memories, and you want your smell to evoke an accurate one.

The Fabulous Five – From fresh, citrus notes to bold and beautiful florals, here is my list of the best five perfumes that you can wear on this Mother’s Day. Day or night, ladies…splash it up!

Issey Miyake


Fresh water floral notes with a soft feminine fragrance. Perfect for casual wear.

Jimmy Choo Signature

jimmy choo

An exotic fragrance for the strong and modern woman. Feminine yet empowering, this perfume has a lot of sensuality to it. Perfect for day time.

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline


Delicate, gentle and sensual like the touch of flower petals. Perfect for date nights.

Femme de Mont Blanc

mont blanc

A brilliant harmony of fresh, cool and warm notes that leads to an intense, sweet and floral heart. Perfect for day time.

Miss Dior


An intense, sophisticated and elegant floral concoction. Perfect for special occasions.

Remember that while choosing a perfume; always pick the one with good density and quality that stays for a long time.

With this, I conclude my series of “The Ultimate Mother’s Day Shopping Guide”.  I hope you have the best Mother’s Day ever!!


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