My DELL – The Resource for My Reboot

Hello! Meet my laptop DELL*. It came to me as my birthday gift by my darling husband at the time when Orkut was a rage and more popular than Facebook. This laptop gave me virtual wings (whatever happened to Reb Bull).  It gave a phenomenal boost to my not-so-happening social (media) life. It also became my companion whenever I was alone. I could binge watch Sex and The City. Yes!


It added to my cool quotient too, I was Orkut-ing and watching videos on Youtube. I also made an account on Facebook. Swanky!! Poking wasn’t considered offensive then. I could download music and movies, and get lost in my own world. I could read books, tabloids and magazines online, and boy, I could flaunt my extraordinary knowledge about current affairs, Bollywood and Hollywood (remember Keeping Up With The Kardashians?).

Dell gave me the flexibility to work from home (or not) whenever I couldn’t drag my lazy backside to the office. Sickness, guests or any imaginary/actual exigencies, you see. I was growing possessive about it.

Dell was my biggest helping hand and companion all day when I was pursuing my Masters degree during my sabbatical from work. I even carried it to Starbucks (for free wifi) and finished my work. Ok, yeah…skyped with friends sometimes too. Is that a crime?

After having kids, nothing came handy like Dell. I could entertain my kids by playing kids’ music and videos on Youtube. I didn’t care as long as I could get a 20-30mins breather in my 24 hours of mommying without help. Judge me away!

I chose to give up my not-so-highflying corporate career for my kids and turned to writing. I give all the credit to my ex-boss who opened my mind towards writing and allowed me to take my chances. And now…Dell is my ONLY resource through which I channel my creative energies. I am a fulltime blogger now, alongwith a freelance writer and a content consultant. Because I have a laptop, I can work anytime and anywhere in the house, or wherever my kids are playing.


My laptop is with me for almost a decade now. It has seen its prime and lows. It has been thoroughly tested for its endurance but it never gave up. That’s how I identify myself with Dell – my resource for my recharge and reboot.

*This blog article contains original content. This is not a sponsored post. It doesn’t contain any affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

This article is the second blog in the series of 7 blogs that I am writing as a part of The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6, 2017. Day 2 prompt is “a resource you have or use”.



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  1. 10 years with one laptop is quite a long time and also a big deal. It must have had its share of crashes giving you heart burns. This post also takes me down the memory lane when suddenly, 11 years ago, all the long lost friends, overwhelmingly, came back in my life.

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