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3018 – Women Take On The Universe

Chapter 5 As the sun rises on the first morning of 3018, the congregation of premier women leaders of 180 planets meet at Sayuri Jima, a cosmopolitan city in erstwhile Japan on planet Earth. Every planet has an acquired status depending upon their economy, population, sex ratio, happiness quotient, employment opportunities, and education & literacy.… Read More 3018 – Women Take On The Universe

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My First Year Adventures

Hey, Y’all! How’s it goin’? So, my mom has been writing stories from past few days. However, I realised that all she’s been writing was about her! So, I just sent her to clean the mess I made. And while she is at it let me tell you about the things that I did before… Read More My First Year Adventures


The Three Stories of My Pregnancy

Pregnancy changed my life irrevocably. But that didn’t change me from doing what I wanted do.… Read More The Three Stories of My Pregnancy