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Robin was a magician. For his next stage show, he wanted to do a unique magic trick. A trick that will make him the most famous magician in the whole world. Little did he know that magic will change not only his life but his world forever. Read this intriguing tale of a magician and… Read More XYZZY

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Tansy Turtle’s Dance Academy

Tansy Turtle loves to dance. Then something strange happens when she starts dancing. A story that teaches about confidence and most importantly about being yourself. Recommended age: 2+ years Tansy Turtle loves dancing. She opens a dance school in the town to teach dance to other children. Children in the town are very excited. They… Read More Tansy Turtle’s Dance Academy

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Repeat with Pete

Once lived two brothers, Pete and Repeat Pete loved Repeat Repeat loved Pete Elder was Pete Younger was Repeat Whatever Pete did, he loved to repeat Sometimes Pete got angry with Repeat Mom tried her best but Repeat never left Pete Playing outside, loved Pete Playing with Pete, loved Repeat Throw, said Pete Catch, said… Read More Repeat with Pete

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Pia’s Pop-up Adventure

Children often find pop-up books very exciting. They love the magic that happens when folded sheets of hard paper pop-up! Pia had some beautiful pop-up books. Some had animals and some had fairies. Just like other children, she also found them very magical. However, there was one pop-up book that was very special. It was… Read More Pia’s Pop-up Adventure

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Odd One Out

Osric! Osric?? Why do they call you the odd one out? Because I am a bird who can’t fly. Duh! Can you see at far distances? Yes, very clearly. I have big eyes. My long neck makes it easier for me to look far.   You never miss a thing. Isn’t it? Yeah! I blink… Read More Odd One Out

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Nozz The Powerful

Sniff! Sniff! Hey!! There you are. I was hoping to meet you. I am Nozz. I live in a town called Phiz*. People also call me Nozz The Powerful. Why am I called powerful? That’s because I am the one who makes sure you smell everything – right from the day you were born. I… Read More Nozz The Powerful

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Kenny, Roo And A Beautiful Kite

The sun was shining bright and the wind was blowing just fine. Kenny started her day with having her favourite breakfast, the yummy pancakes. It was almost afternoon and she wanted to go out to fly the kite which her papa got for her. “Mamma, I am going out to fly the new kite”, said… Read More Kenny, Roo And A Beautiful Kite

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Igloo With An Umbrella

Igloo then I am Noel. Me and my sister, Ivy, live in a very small igloo in a tiny village in the Arctic. Those were the happy days when there was ice everywhere. Sun didn’t show for many days. It would be chilly all day and night. We wore multiple layers of clothes to feel… Read More Igloo With An Umbrella

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Hanna and The Witch

“This is such a pretty headband. Is that for me?”, Hanna said looking at the headband lying on her bed. “Yes, Hanna. But be careful with it. This headband has magic. You will slowly learn about it. Till then, keep it safe”, said Hanna’s mother, Sherry. The headband was packed nicely in a square velvet… Read More Hanna and The Witch

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Gib’s Guava

In a large forest, there was a big guava tree. It had bright green leaves. Every year delicious green guavas grew on it. On that tree, there was a bright green guava with a very sweet smell. In that guava lived a grub. His name was Gib. Gib loved eating the guava he was living… Read More Gib’s Guava