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5 Things To Say To Your Kids At Bedtime

There are five things that you must say to your child at bedtime every night. They will make your bond stronger and help in building a great relationship with your kid. I love bedtime!! It gives me time for myself after kids have slept and also it’s the best time to talk and bond with… Read More 5 Things To Say To Your Kids At Bedtime

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Little People, Big Emotions

Life is full of chaos these days. As adults, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify, understand and cope with our emotions. And often we can’t recognise what we’re really feeling. Our coping mechanism makes us ignore our feelings or pretend they don’t exist. In worst case scenario we turn to unhealthy habits like Emotional Eating,… Read More Little People, Big Emotions


A Day in My Life – Photo Blog

An average Indian faces many issues going through the life every day. I am no different. I look at life through the lens of an optimistic realism – obviously, there may be no such real thing. Still, I am pursuing a pseudo-realism in this world full of polygamy of harsh realities and fairy tales. Every… Read More A Day in My Life – Photo Blog

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My Treasure In My Little Heaven

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also – Luke 12:34… Read More My Treasure In My Little Heaven


Parenting — The Single Dad Way

#GuestBlog by Gaurav Prakash To start with I am not a single Dad – so why am I writing this blog post? My experience of a ‘single dad’ is from the child’s perspective. Yes, I grew up with a single parent – my Father. He is 80 years old and simply does not give a… Read More Parenting — The Single Dad Way


The First 365 Father’s Day (s)

A lot has been written by experienced fathers and psychologists about the challenges a father faces during the first year of fatherhood. Very little has been written about this dimension of parenthood from a mother’s perspective. An aspect yet unspoken and undiscovered.… Read More The First 365 Father’s Day (s)