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Y and Z

Read this story about two brothers who are so different yet they loved each other. They always stayed together. Read this to your little ones to build their vocabulary and teach them about different emotions. Recommended age: 2+ years Once there were two brothers Y and Z.   Y always asked questions but Z was… Read More Y and Z

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3018 – Women Take On The Universe

Chapter 5 As the sun rises on the first morning of 3018, the congregation of premier women leaders of 180 planets meet at Sayuri Jima, a cosmopolitan city in erstwhile Japan on planet Earth. Every planet has an acquired status depending upon their economy, population, sex ratio, happiness quotient, employment opportunities, and education & literacy.… Read More 3018 – Women Take On The Universe

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Little People, Big Emotions

Life is full of chaos these days. As adults, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify, understand and cope with our emotions. And often we can’t recognise what we’re really feeling. Our coping mechanism makes us ignore our feelings or pretend they don’t exist. In worst case scenario we turn to unhealthy habits like Emotional Eating,… Read More Little People, Big Emotions