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5 Things To Say To Your Kids At Bedtime

There are five things that you must say to your child at bedtime every night. They will make your bond stronger and help in building a great relationship with your kid. I love bedtime!! It gives me time for myself after kids have slept and also it’s the best time to talk and bond with… Read More 5 Things To Say To Your Kids At Bedtime

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300+ Things Kids Love

Summer break has begun and in this scorching heat when going out to play is not the best choice for kids, it’s tough to keep them busy and entertained all day. I am sharing an extensive, but not limited to, list of things and activities that kids love. These can be some great ideas for… Read More 300+ Things Kids Love

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Hey, just a little bit! #cuttingpaani

Scene 1 – Whenever I enter a café or a restaurant, the first thing I spot is – water glasses on the table. Some upside down, unused. Some empty. Some unfinished. Half-empty or half-full? Well, that’s subjective. However, when thinking about conserving water those glasses are definitely half-empty. Scene 2 – We are already so… Read More Hey, just a little bit! #cuttingpaani