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Pretty Mumma’s Honest Review – PALMSAFE Foam Hand Sanitizer

“Baby, did you wash your hands after using the restroom?”, asked Miss D’s daddy. She had just walked out of the washroom of the café we were at.

“I did…but with just water…becaaause there was no soap!”, she glanced at me while telling this to her daddy because both of us couldn’t wash our hands. There was no handwash in that café’s washroom.

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Daddy reached out to his satchel immediately and took out PALMSAFE. He pumped it out a little her palm and mine too. We rubbed it, smiled and returned to our conversation.

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We received PALMSAFE Foam Hand Sanitizer a few days ago for reviewing and I have been using it since then. We all know what a hand sanitizer does. So, what makes PALMSAFE different from other sanitizers? Unlike other sanitizers in the market, it’s an “alcohol-free” hand sanitizer foam. Other sanitizers are alcohol based which dry out hands and offers protection for a lesser amount of time. They are costly and hazardous upon ingestion.


PrettyMumma Observes:

  • I haven’t come across any foam based sanitizer in the market yet
  • It doesn’t dry out hands and leaves behind a mild mint aroma
  • Dries within seconds and doesn’t require continuous rubbing
  • Foam doesn’t fizzle out fast, but it becomes runny after few seconds
  • The bottle needs to be shaken before pumping. Otherwise, instead of foam, soapy bubbles alongwith some liquid come out
  • Being free from alcohol makes it safe to use
  • No residue is left on the palms
  • Comes in a handy pump-bottle which makes it travel-friendly and spill proof
  • Price: INR 140 for 60ML. You can get it from Amazon

PrettyMumma’s Verdict:

  • It’s a must have especially when travelling or going/eating out
  • It’s safe for kids
  • Compact design, easy to carry
  • The price is at-par with other hand sanitizers available in the market


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, however, PR samples have been provided by the brand for review. All the content is original and opinions are my own. They are not influenced by any external factor or agency.


38 thoughts on “Pretty Mumma’s Honest Review – PALMSAFE Foam Hand Sanitizer

  1. Sanitizers are best for keeping your hands germs or dirt free. I mostly use Himalaya sanitizers. But this foam made sanitizer seems more great and promising one. Will try this one too.

  2. My son’s schoolbag and my purse always have a sanitizer for such emergencies. I’ve used many others till date. This foam one in a cute packing sure must get kids excited.

  3. Never heard about a foam based sanitizer. I need this! It upsets me too when they dont keep a hand wash! :/

  4. This looks really promising… I am very finicky about clean hands… will try surely

  5. Never heard about this brand and also alcohol free foam sanitizer. No -fuss packaging is just perfect for traveling.

  6. Detailed review. I always keep a sanitizer in my bag especially when travelling. But foam sanitizer haven’t heard of this product quite seems to be a new innovation.

  7. I like to use sanitizers ans this foaming one is interesting. 😍 shall check iy out soon

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