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My First Year Adventures

Hey, Y’all! How’s it goin’? So, my mom has been writing stories from past few days. However, I realised that all she’s been writing was about her! So, I just sent her to clean the mess I made. And while she is at it let me tell you about the things that I did before my first birthday.

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 22 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Nayantara for introducing me. She writes about her sweet and sour mommyhood adventures at Mommying BabyT. Check out her thoughts on today’s prompt!

I turned 1 year old this year. Yes!! Grown-ups say that the baby’s first year is very crucial for the parents. Hello!! Isn’t it crucial for me too? My parents got applauded and what about me? I too have braved my first year with them. Ok, yeah, I am the second baby, but so what? My parents became parents for the second time but it’s my first time!!

Oh! C’mon!! Don’t give me that look. My parents are trying their best to be the ‘best’ but I am no less. I am a baby; I can take all the liberties and still not screamed at. Let me tell you about my adventures of my first year.

  1. My First Ever Poop-bomb: I just can’t stop laughing while telling you about this. I was out for just 5 days and I wanted to relieve myself with full force. I wanted to poop in peace, silence and when there was no visitor around. I woke up with a gurgle in my stomach and looked at my mom. Then I looked around; thank god there was no one else there. I took a deep breath and pushed. Ah!! Amazing!!! Oh wait…there’s more. There you go! It was the best poop of my baby life thus far! My mom was hysterical, I don’t know why and I was grinning ear to ear.
  2. Mumma Took Me to a Lady: One day my mom dressed me in nice clothes and she was asking Daddy to take her to…err…peed I guess. If she wanted to pee, why was she asking Daddy? Then she picked me and we sat inside the car. After getting down from the car, we got into a box with lights and a mirror. What was that weird smell though? We entered into a room and for the first time ever I saw so many babies together in one room. We exchanged looks and I figured that it’s not a happy place. I was taken into a lady’s room. She was wearing something around her neck. She tried to be friendly with me. Then I saw a bed there and thought that I am here for a massage. But that lady…she put a needle inside me!! That day, I cried my loudest for the first time.
  3. Mumma Took Me to a Mall: Oh boy!! What a place that was. So many lights, so many people, so many colours!!! Whoa! I loved, loved, loved going there. I was so happy that I thought, why not poop here? What a great place to poop! So I pooped. I had so much fun pooping that day!!
  4. Daddy Took Me in the Sky: Yes, he did! It was amazing!!! I felt pain in my ears two times. Both the times Mumma gave me my favourite bottle with my favourite juice. Yum-yum! I looked out of the window and I saw nothing. But it must be pretty out there.
  5. Mumma Took me to The Swings: What was she thinking??? I was petrified and she thought I was enjoying. No! It was my first time. She could have atleast warned me. Although, I started enjoying swings after some time. It’s fun. Try it someday.

Mumma and Daddy also enjoy telling these stories to other people. There are many more such stories but I will save them for later when I will be given a chocolate. Big sister gets it. Why not me?

I have written this blog as a part of #9daysofwomanhood blogathon. Prompt for Day 6 was an Instagram post on “How was it when you held your baby for the first time?”. Take a look at it on my page PrettyMummaSays. Prompt for Day 7 blog post is “First year of your baby”. Further, I would like to introduce Upasana. Read her thoughts on today’s prompt on her blog

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33 thoughts on “My First Year Adventures

  1. Hahaha… Is this my son speaking? Clearly his Mom got binge watching Stewei from “The Family Guy”

  2. Wow it was your baby speaking. I just read the first point directly and didn’t got y r u writing this. And o. Next I got its your baby’s words.
    Silly me ….

  3. I simply loved it. Your wording, sentences shows how much you attention you pay towards your little one’s expressions. ‘mumma took me to a lady’ and ‘ daddy took me in the sky’ we’re too cute.

  4. visit to the paid reminded me of my sons visit where he was smiling to the doc and when he laid down he though is play time and after that he simply didn’t want to see the doc ..and the doc was all sorry he is one of the best and kid friendly doc i have met …

  5. I love your quirkiness surbhi 😊 such a lovely humorous post. I was literally picturing it while reading! Very well narrated

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