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A Holistic Approach To Cancer

Many years ago, I read the autobiography of seven times Tour de France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. That was my first experience of reading about cancer. Not just cancer, reading about what he went through was gut-wrenching. Since then, whenever I come across someone going through cancer treatment or has recovered takes me back to that book and the same feelings appear. Given that I write for all Mummas, I wanted to discuss breast cancer and how you can be vigilant to detect it early and seek treatment before it’s too late.

A Holistic Approach To Cancer (Breast Cancer)

Causes of Cancer

In layman language, out of those innumerable cells in our body, some become faulty and mutate. Those defective cells replicate defying our immune system and form the tumor, i.e. cancer. Some types of cancers are caused by the way one leads his/her life, also called as lifestyle choices. Whereas, there are some forms which are hereditary like breast cancer.

About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a tumour that forms in the muscle tissues of the breasts. Although it majorly impacts women, men also get breast cancer.

Causes of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is hereditary. If someone on the mother’s side or the mother has/had it, then there are chances that it might get passed on to the women in next generation. However, it’s not necessary one will surely get it. There are now tests done to investigate it.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

  1. Constant soreness in nipples
  2. Swollen or inverted nipples
  3. Discharge from nipples
  4. Lumps around the breast area or in the underarm area

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Medically, “biopsy” is the process for diagnosis of cancer. As a method of early detection, breast self-examination is a technique used for examining the breast tissue for any physical or visual changes.

Treatment and Care for Cancer

Cancer can form anywhere in the body. If not diagnosed or treated timely, it may lead to serious consequences. Cancer not only affects the person who is going through it but also people around him/her. The family and friends are equally impacted. It’s tough to see your loved ones suffering.

Alongwith the treatment and care, a cancer patient and his/her family also needs guidance. Caring for a cancer patient also means lending them an ear, listen to them, helping them in their transport and movement, and assisting them in their everyday chores.

After establishing their cancer care clinics in UK and Honk Kong, ICD Healthcare has come to India to bring the advance cancer treatment, care and assisting the patients in recovery.  ICD is a partnership between patient, doctor, science and disease.

Here’s what Dr. Harjit Bahia, COO of ICD Healthcare has to say:

Cancer not only requires attentive medical care but it’s also very important to provide psychological support to the patient. ICD Healthcare has a holistic approach and personalised cancer care for every patient. Their aim is to fight cancer worldwide.

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