Pretty Mumma Says…

Hi..I am Surbhi! Pretty mumma of this blog.


After having worked for almost a decade, I decided to quit my career to take care of my 2 kids. But always had the itch to do something worthwhile. I have picked up multiple professions in my career span out of sheer interest. I love reading books but never thought that writing will be attractive to me and I will choose it as my profession.

I am a Mass Comm post grad and based in New Delhi. I work from home, but not to be confused with “comfort of my home”. When you have kids, you are never comfortable, even at your home (if you know what I mean!). Every morning my dining table becomes my desk, while I instruct my help to put things in order. When I am not running after my kids, I read, write and dress-up. I am a shoe and makeup lover.

This is my personal blog. The thoughts and impressions are my personal and bear no resemblance. All the content and personal images on this blog are fully copyrighted and owned by myself. 

If you like my posts, like them and spread them around. Good karma always pays back. Thank you!


-Pretty mumma

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