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Celebrate yourself this Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

This is the Mother’s Day week, as we all know. Markets and malls are flooded with gifts that one can gift to their mother. I personally don’t agree with those who say that ‘every day is a mother’s day’ or ‘why do we need a mother’s day’. I think it’s totally fair to the mothers who spend their every single day to make our day worthwhile. It’s alright that all the brands are encashing upon the idea, mothers deserve expensive gifts once in a while, if not often.


After becoming a mother myself I realised that the struggle is real, and it’s not easy & glamourised as they show in the movies. Every day may not be a happy day. Some days kids act stubborn and some days we (mothers) are not up to the mark. We need down time too. We deserve 10 minutes of silence after an active day. I think I deserve atleast one day to myself. I have earned it! Being a mom is blood, sweat and hardwork.

Starting today, I will be posting Mother’s Day gifting and shopping ideas till 14th, May i.e. Mother’s Day. There will be beautiful ideas ranging from lifestyle, beauty to fashion. Keep visiting my blog and watch out for some great options lined up.

I really hope you guys make great plans for yourselves and indulge on this Mother’ Day if you have not done before. You deserve it.


-Pretty mumma

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