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A Holistic Approach To Cancer

Many years ago, I read the autobiography of seven times Tour de France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. That was my first experience of reading about cancer. Not just cancer, reading about what he went through was gut-wrenching. Since then, whenever I come across someone going through cancer treatment or has recovered takes me… Read More A Holistic Approach To Cancer

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Foods To Keep Cool In Summer

I am not a food writer. I am also not a food blogger. I am a “Mother” of two children and a lot of plants, so I better be knowing what will keep all of them cool and rejuvenated in scorching summer. My plants are the happiest when I water them, that’s the only thing… Read More Foods To Keep Cool In Summer

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300+ Things Kids Love

Summer break has begun and in this scorching heat when going out to play is not the best choice for kids, it’s tough to keep them busy and entertained all day. I am sharing an extensive, but not limited to, list of things and activities that kids love. These can be some great ideas for… Read More 300+ Things Kids Love

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Pretty Mumma’s #TopTen Part 6: Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync Battles

Hey guys!! I am back with my #topten!!! In the sixth part of my Top Ten series, once again I am going to share my favourite music and celebrities related videos. They are the most famous, epic, hilarious and viral Lip Sync Battles from the worldwide popular The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It is… Read More Pretty Mumma’s #TopTen Part 6: Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync Battles

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Hey, just a little bit! #cuttingpaani

Scene 1 – Whenever I enter a café or a restaurant, the first thing I spot is – water glasses on the table. Some upside down, unused. Some empty. Some unfinished. Half-empty or half-full? Well, that’s subjective. However, when thinking about conserving water those glasses are definitely half-empty. Scene 2 – We are already so… Read More Hey, just a little bit! #cuttingpaani

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Monkey Business – Where Work Becomes Child’s Play

Hey pretty mummas!! I was recently invited to the launch of Asia’s first and one-of-its-kind coworking and coplay space in Gurgaon called as Monkey Business. It’s a shared coworking space that provides onsite childcare as well. It has a kids’ play zone that has experienced nannies watching over kids, a nap area, a feeding and diaper… Read More Monkey Business – Where Work Becomes Child’s Play


Tittle-Tattle Over A Cuppa

In a country where Tea or Chai (in Hindi) is the first love and obsession of every person, coffee is like a stepsister born in a wrong country. Tea lover, you ask? I say, no I am not. I am a teatotaler. Coffee lover? Hell yeah!! With milk, strong, no sugar, twice daily – afternoon and evening. Read… Read More Tittle-Tattle Over A Cuppa

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PrettyMumma’s #TopTen Part2: EDM Mix

Hey guys! I am back with the second part of my TOP TENs!! Thank you all so much for such an amazing response and feedback on the part 1. I am so glad you guys liked it. I am a huge music buff. I love music way too much!! My only means of unwinding is… Read More PrettyMumma’s #TopTen Part2: EDM Mix

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PrettyMumma’s #TopTen Part-1: James Corden Carpool Karaoke

Hey guys! Starting today, I am going to begin a series of my all time favorite “TOP TENS” on my blog. From music to movies, books to recipes, shoes to lip shades – I have got it all covered. In the first blog of the series, I am sharing my #Top10 Carpool Karaoke videos from… Read More PrettyMumma’s #TopTen Part-1: James Corden Carpool Karaoke


The Lesser Known Goddess of Karma

And it comes to an end. The festivities, fasting, celebration and glamour of the nine nights – so long! It also brings an end to the #9Days of Womanhood blog marathon of 23 awesome women bloggers. I have to be honest that it is one of the best blog marathons I have been into thus… Read More The Lesser Known Goddess of Karma