Now I Know My ABC

And I did it! I completed the A to Z Challenge and it feels surreal. I decided to take part in this blogging challenge without thinking much and nose-dived. And I am glad I did. I came to know about it in March this year. It was a random decision and writing fiction was the… Read More Now I Know My ABC

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Zebra Who Wanted to Sleep on The Grass

Zoe Zebra didn’t like to sleep while standing. Tonight, he will sleep by lying down on the grass just like others. But will he be able to fall asleep? Read the story of this zebra and enjoy reading this loud or along with your little ones. Recommended age: 3+ years It was dark and Zoe… Read More Zebra Who Wanted to Sleep on The Grass

Fiction, Kids, Short Story

Y and Z

Read this story about two brothers who are so different yet they loved each other. They always stayed together. Read this to your little ones to build their vocabulary and teach them about different emotions. Recommended age: 2+ years Once there were two brothers Y and Z.   Y always asked questions but Z was… Read More Y and Z

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Robin was a magician. For his next stage show, he wanted to do a unique magic trick. A trick that will make him the most famous magician in the whole world. Little did he know that magic will change not only his life but his world forever. Read this intriguing tale of a magician and… Read More XYZZY

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Will you CARRY me?

A story of a bunny soft toy who loved being carried in the arms. Then one day it’s life changed. Read this cute little story written from the point of view of this bunny. Recommended age: 2+ years         Illustrated by Surabhi Dave Also Read Vinci and The Vacuum Cleaner Read all the short… Read More Will you CARRY me?

Fiction, Kids, Short Story

Vinci and The Vacuum Cleaner

Vinci, a golden retriever pup, was sleeping in a corner of the house he lived in. A sudden loud noise woke him up. When he saw where that noise came from, his terror knew no bounds. Read this funny story of a dog and his hilarious encounter. Recommended age: 8+ years Vinci was sleeping quietly… Read More Vinci and The Vacuum Cleaner

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United League of Utensils

Once every year kitchen utensils gather to share their problems with their world leaders with the hope of finding answers and solutions. Read this very interesting story about utensils and their day-to-day problems. Recommended age: 8+ years It was a very important day for all the kitchen utensils. It was the annual conference of the… Read More United League of Utensils

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Tansy Turtle’s Dance Academy

Tansy Turtle loves to dance. Then something strange happens when she starts dancing. A story that teaches about confidence and most importantly about being yourself. Recommended age: 2+ years Tansy Turtle loves dancing. She opens a dance school in the town to teach dance to other children. Children in the town are very excited. They… Read More Tansy Turtle’s Dance Academy

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Slugs Who Wanted To Party But Could Not

A small story of four slugs who are best friends. They wanted to party but could not. Recommended age: 0+ years Four slugs – Arlo, Benny, Ricky and Bob are best friends. Today is Arlo’s birthday. He has invited his friends to his sluggish birthday party. The slugs are excited. Arlo wore his birthday cap… Read More Slugs Who Wanted To Party But Could Not

Fiction, Kids, Short Story

Repeat with Pete

Once lived two brothers, Pete and Repeat Pete loved Repeat Repeat loved Pete Elder was Pete Younger was Repeat Whatever Pete did, he loved to repeat Sometimes Pete got angry with Repeat Mom tried her best but Repeat never left Pete Playing outside, loved Pete Playing with Pete, loved Repeat Throw, said Pete Catch, said… Read More Repeat with Pete