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Book Review – Be Wild Again by Rashmi Jain

“It’s not just about breaking the rules, but setting up the rules for yourself.”

Be Wild Again By Rashmi Jain is a beautiful motivational book written specifically for women. This book is a reminder that there is more to life. A woman just has to look within herself to find the real happiness.

This book takes us on a journey deep within to given freedom from all the constraints that have inhibited finding our true selves.

About Rashmi Jain

Rashmi is an IT professional who is also an explorer by heart. She has started on a voyage to self-discovery by means of her writings. Her writings mainly revolve around the freedom, equality and empowerment of women. She is also a blogger at Be Wild Again

Rashmi’s writings have been published on various sites such as Women’s Web, Momspresso, Story Mirror, etc. She was also one of the finalists in the Orange Flower Awards 2017 conducted by Women’s Web.

Book Review Be Wild Again #bookreview

About Be Wild Again

Be Wild Again takes us on a journey of self-exploration. It motivates us to break free from the shackles of the society. It inspires to become a better version of ourselves. It tells us to rise above the expectations of the society.

In Rashmi’s words, “Be Wild Again is a mirror to show how beautiful, powerful and amazing a woman is. It’s a call to break the barriers of patriarchy, embrace the freedom and accept the real you.”

My take on the ebook

It’s a very simple and comforting read. No heavy duty “gyan”. Although this book has been written keeping in mind only one gender, it doesn’t demean another gender by any means. That’s clearly not the purpose of this ebook. It sticks to the subject and stays on it till the end. My favourite chapter from the book is “April Showers Bring May Flowers”.

Be Wild Again is available to download here.

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8 thoughts on “Book Review – Be Wild Again by Rashmi Jain

  1. An inspiring and motivating read for women. I suggest that men should read it as well as it speaks a lot about women’s thoughts and beliefs. #MyFriendAlexa #FlavorsofworldRead

  2. An informative and objective review – just like it should be. I’m interested to read the book. Obviously writing about women empowerment and women’s problem does not mean demeaning another gender, although some people like to jump the gun without even reading

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