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A Letter to Shahrukh

Hi Shahrukh,

Hope you find this letter in best spirits. I am sure you will be very glad to know that recently, we had the pleasure of watching your latest mind-blasting blockbuster that totally knocked us out – Jab Harry Met Sejal. I have to make a very honest confession – it’s not for the faint-hearted. What a story and screenplay! How bad can it get, after all? Yawning for continuously 2 hours is no joke. How do you even come up with such awesome ideas? Do you guys really plan or did you smoke something? Do you think about the time and money movie-goers put into a movie like this? I mean…just tell me what inspired you to name it “Jab Harry Met Sejal”? If there’s an award for the worst movie title, this will win hands down! Do I sense a midlife crisis in your career? Why are you doing this to yourself?

The movie started with a song depicting your life and lifestyle. I became hopeful. I even bought the biggest popcorn tub for my kids so that they let me watch the movie in peace. After some time, I was the one munching popcorns, whiling away my time, whereas my kids slept. Thank you! I bow down!!

I totally fell for your character “Harry” when he agreed unwillingly to help Sejal find her lost ring. Poor girl, all alone in an unknown territory decides to pile-on and yet, Harry was being suave and gentlemanly through out. Hats off! I appreciated his honesty when he confesses to Sejal that he is a man of lose character. But determined Sejal still sticks to him and writes an indemnity bond. Wow! Now, that’s an original idea. Or is it?

Now, please tell me who sings songs at 6:00 AM after being chased by gangsters a night before all over the city? Like, really?? That’s not normal. One minute we are in between a kidnapping, other minute we are in Frankfurt for a wedding.

Some songs in the movie appear just out of nowhere, even when it wasn’t required. We all know both you and Anushka can dance really well. No need to show off…please! The track done by Diplo – sounded really cool on Dolby. Great track!!

Let’s talk about Anushka a.k.a. Sejal. All I have to say is – “Nice try!” – Exactly like she said in the movie. Beautiful clothes and dresses, by the way! And makeup – on point! There was a wedding scene in which she wore jeans with a beautiful ethnic short kurta and in the next scene, she was dancing in a salwar. Change of mind? Thought so.

You must know that I am a very selective viewer of Bollywood films. With you and Imtiaz coming together, I was looking forward to a classic romantic film. I must also tell you that despite having the media invite, I chose to buy the tickets and watch it. I shouldn’t have done that. This movie left me with my all hopes shattered.

Best regards,

Your Fan Not-Anymore

This article is the fifth blog in the series of 7 blogs that I am writing as a part of The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6, 2017. Prompt for Day5 is “write a letter”. #wtfow #writebravely #writetribe 


15 thoughts on “A Letter to Shahrukh

  1. Shahrukh khan should choose his films wisely. I am waiting for a powerful performance from him since Chak De released. Yes we know that age is just a number but SRK needs to understand that he is an actor and here age appropriate roles matter. Viewers had seen him in numerous romantic roles but I guess now we want to see a different SRK.

  2. Actually, I feel in order to do something different they did something so bad. Worst movie. I didn’t even want to waste my time when it comes on Television in future.

  3. I barely watch movies but yes I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about this one. Loved your idea of doing a review in the form of a letter to Shahrukh Khan.

  4. You read my last post about the 200th WP follower and you know I loved the movie, for my own reasons. In my opinion Shah Rukh was earnest in everything he did in the movie, even when required to break out in a song at 6 am immediately after crying haplessly in a corner. Let’s give it to him for the fault really rests in the writing. I am not a Shah Rukh fan, never have been. I have always liked Aamir Khan for his intellect. I do not even go to to theatres to watch movies unless it is animation, worth watching for my son. However, with Jab Harry met Sejal, I was expecting Shah Rukh at his romantic best (after a long long time) and I got that. I would even like to watch the movie again. Difference in perspectives, I guess and it is okay to see differently.

    1. Absolutely Anamika. Not for one minute throughout the movie I felt any sort of connection with any character. Shahrukh’s antics have become repetitive but that’s his style and not much can be done about it. I agree on the story part. Direction was not upto the mark either.

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