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5 Reasons To Consider Eco-Friendly Period Products

There are a number of reasons why you should consider eco-friendly period products. Of course, they’re better for the environment, but you’ll also save a ton of money and have a healthier period experience.

Keep on reading for details about the eco-friendly products available, and more information about their benefits.

What are Eco-Friendly Period Products?

There are three main kinds of eco-friendly period products. They include the following:

  • Menstrual cups
  • Period panties
  • Reusable cloth pads
5 Reasons to Consider Eco-Friendly Period Products
Diva Cup

Menstrual cups are usually made from medical grade silicone and are designed to replace tampons. There are a number of brands being sold today, but some of the ones you may have heard of include the Diva Cup, Mooncup, and the Lunette Cup.


Period panties have a leak-proof layer in them, and some of them have absorbent padding. Most people use them for light spotting, or as a backup to a tampon or menstrual cup.



Finally, reusable cloth pads are very similar to disposable pads but they’re made from natural materials like cotton, bamboo, and charcoal.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Eco-Friendly Period Products

#1: They’re Better for the Environment

The first reason why you might want to consider a menstrual cup or reusable cloth pad is the environment. The average person uses more than 10,000 tampons during her lifetime. The ones with plastic applicators are particularly bad, but even the ones without applicators come wrapped in little bits of plastic.

Disposable pads contain large amounts of non-biodegradable plastic that’ll still be hanging around the landfill in hundreds of years from now.

Compare this to a menstrual cup or cloth pad which can last for five years or even more. A handful of these products can potentially replace thousands of disposable ones.

#2: You’ll Save Tonnes of Money

All those disposable pads and tampons? They’re expensive! According to the Huffington Post, period-related products add up to thousands of dollars over a lifetime. 

Compare this to a menstrual cup which costs around $30 USD, or a cloth pad which costs $5-10. Most people need around 5 cloth pads to make it through their period in style.

If you use an entire box of tampons or pads during a period, you’ll break even in around 5-6 months. Then, you’ll have years of savings ahead of you.

5 Reasons to Consider Eco-Friendly Period Products

#3: They’re Better for your Health

Some of the leading brands of disposable pads and tampons contain trace amounts of toxic chemicals in them. These toxins come from the pesticides used on the cotton, as well as the manufacturing process (bleaching, in particular, is quite bad).

Exposure to this stuff can add up over time. In the short-term? They can cause skin irritation and allergies, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

Making the switch to period panties, cloth pads or a menstrual cup can go a long way towards ensuring a toxin-free period experience.

#4: Do you Have a Heavy Period?

The next reason you might consider making the switch to eco-friendly period products is if you have a heavy period. Normal tampons hold around 5 ml of fluid, while a jumbo one can hold 10 ml.

Compare this to an average menstrual cup (like the Diva Cup) with room for 30 ml. There are even some that can hold 40+ ml.

If you have a heavy period, it’s kind of a game-changer. You might even be able to sleep through the night of your heaviest flow, instead of getting up to deal with your period!

#5: It’s Easy to Track your Period

There are a number of reasons why you might want to track your period. Perhaps your doctor wants this information to help diagnose a condition. Or, you’re trying to get pregnant. Perhaps you’re just curious about whether you have a light, or heavy flow compared to other people.

A menstrual cup is an excellent way to do this. You can know precisely how much you’re bleeding over a given time period. Tampons make tracking this much more difficult because you never really know if it’s reached full capacity, or not.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Welcome to the club! You’ll be joining a group of people passionate about reducing waste, making better choices for their health, and also saving a ton of money.

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Jackie Bolen is a tree-hugging, friend of the Earth who can usually be found drinking coffee, on top of a mountain, or paddling around Vancouver, Canada. Her hope is that one day, a reusable feminine hygiene product will be found in the hands of every single menstruating person. Find her on Facebook Youtube

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  1. Very informative and helpful post. Heard about the menstrual cup and cloth napkins earlier. But have not yet used them. And your post encourages me to go for it.

  2. I read about it recently. It is indeed a good invention and works well for the environment + the workers who are involved in cleaning and recycling of the waste products.

  3. I know eco-friendly period products should be used, but I still haven’t been able to make the switch. I don’t know why, it’s just a mindblock, I know. Hopefully in time I will be able to at least give it a shot.

  4. I have recently shifted to a menstrual cup and I totally loved it. The clean feeling is beyond explanation!

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